Best Under $5 Shop

THE REJECT SHOP The name The Reject Shop is not really apt. People call in trawling for discounts or the ultimate bargain. I like this … Read more

Best Kitsch

MY SWEET MEMORY My Sweet Memory is a three-of-a-kind cafe, (the sister stores being in Chatswood and Strathfield). Their kitsch antique decorations make this a … Read more

Best Retro Shop

WALL CANDY WALLPAPER Whether you are renovating or just dreaming about it, you can help your home become a rock star rental or a psychedelic … Read more

Best Vinyl

RED EYE RECORDS Vinyl is dead… r-r-r-rewind! Vinyl is back with a retro flavour and filling the shelves of DJs and old people. Red Eye … Read more

Best Used Books

GERTRUDE AND ALICE, BONDI BEACH Amongst the tan, fit and blonde beauties of Bondi Beach lies a perfectly small haven for literature lovers. Gertrude and … Read more

Best Tea

THE RABBIT HOLE TEA This tea is handmade by Amara, a fire fighter, and Corinne, a singing teacher, who were inspired to make tea products … Read more

Best Shoes

ITALIAN SHOES ON NORTON I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t love shoes, even if she has succumbed to wearing practical numbers on a daily … Read more

Best Paper

AMAZING PAPER Smart phones, tablets, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest equal instant news flashes. Blessed be the evolution of digital convenience, but sometimes, even for those who … Read more

Best Organic Food Shop

ALFALFA HOUSE If only Noah had seen this! Think about it – he’d built the ark, assembled the animals but they sure weren’t just going … Read more

Best Op Shop

CAT PROTECTION SOCIETY OP SHOP Helping sustain the Cat Protection Society of NSW for more than 30 years, this Enmore second-hand store not only stocks … Read more