Stranger Than Fiction

BY ROGER HANNEY Truly horrible’.horribly true Two years ago in Philadelphia, 14-year-old Daniela Kelly ‘ a girl living with cerebral palsy ‘ died from starvation … Read more

FOI changes not enough

BY ANNE VON FEHRN The Federal Government is slowing down changes to the federal Freedom of Information Act well into 2009 despite its election promise … Read more

The Great Dissenter hangs up his wig

BY PAM WALKER Justice Michael Kirby is sure something will turn up after he ends his 13-year stint on the High Court later this year.… Read more

Let the Sunshine into Town Hall

By Lawrence Gibbons How time flies! Four years ago, the City Hub endorsed Clover Moore’s candidacy for Lord Mayor of the City of Sydney. In … Read more

Battling for Town Hall

Shayne Mallard, Liberal City of Sydney councillor Former South Sydney councillor Lord mayoral candidate Shayne Mallard says he is running against ‘a gaggle of left … Read more

Battling for Town Hall

Clover Moore, Clover Moore Independent Team Lord Mayor, City of Sydney Sydney MP Clover Moore says the last four years have been the most fulfilling … Read more

Battling for Town Hall

Meredith Burgmann, Labor Member of the NSW Legislative Council      1991 to 2007    President of the NSW Legislative Council   1999 to 2007    Meredith Burgmann has no … Read more

Battling for Town Hall

Chris Harris, Greens City of Sydney councillor Former deputy lord mayor Councillor Chris Harris is hopeful of bringing at least one more Green into the … Read more

The eternal trial

BY PAM WALKER Sydney’s only injecting centre will remain on trial despite the very public exit of its medical director. Dr Ingrid van Beek has … Read more

Mayoral candidates battle for the City

On September 13 when councils across the state face the voters, ratepayers and businesses in the City of Sydney will have a choice of two … Read more