Councils push for Inner West Metro line

BY JEREMY BROWN While the State Government moves to implement its ‘Metro’ system (first train out of the station in 2017), councils in Sydney’s Inner … Read more

Maadi’s life on canvas

By Reuben Brand Maadi Einfeld, aged 84, has just exhibited her latest show in a career that spans half a century. Her exhibition Survey Exhibition … Read more

Town Hall’s busy mice

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City Clusters in Activity Hubs

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If it ain’t Jissbon it ain’t on

BY GARTH WILSON Just months before the Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Committee has realised the Games do not have a sponsor promoting China’s One Child … Read more

Leichhardt Library Censors Palestinian Peace Group

By Lawrence Gibbons Israel’s 60th birthday caused quite a stir in Leichhardt. To mark the 60th anniversary of what Palestinians call ‘al nakba’ (the catastrophe), … Read more

Party at war with itself

BY PETER McCALLUM You can’t help but feel for Morris Iemma. A straightforward family man, he was handpicked for the leadership as one who had … Read more

Beijing is ready

BY GARTH WILSON With less than 100 days until the Opening Ceremony, Beijing, like all Olympic cities-in-waiting, has laid plans for security, public health, tourism … Read more

Tiny city for a huge problem

BY BIANCA BIRDSALL A miniature cardboard city was erected in Martin Place in the early hours of May 1. The stunt was to promote, … Read more

Costa’s last stand

BY SHANT FABRICATORIAN For both sides, it was a game of high stakes. State Treasurer Michael Costa’s speech at the state Labor conference, which steadily … Read more