Bohemian art gallery faces demolition

By Matt Khoury Sydney’s community art space, Tap Gallery, faces demolition in the near future, bringing an end to two decades of bohemian expressions in … Read more

New play says warzone is at home

The trauma of war doesn’t stop when our soldiers come home. It’s a message delivered with brutal blows in the powerful new Griffin Theatre production … Read more

Residents on a road to no where

BY MICK ROBERTS RESIDENTS of Elizabeth Bay were woken by the thundering crash of a laneway collapsing into a next door building site in early … Read more

Justin Grounds – Love is Strong as Death

Love is Strong as Death ‘ Justin Grounds BY CHRIS PEKEN Quirky as this English Justin is, he is not my all-time favorite Justin, that … Read more

Still trotting out the Nielsen cover-up yarn

This is in respone to Mick Roberts’ report of Feb 2 apropos the Juanita Nielsen conspiracy. With Tony Reeves, another Sydney journo, I investigated the … Read more