A Weekend in the Mountains

After the success of my recent weekend in wine country, I set off in search of another foodie adventure within an easy drive of Sydney. My destination was Lilianfels, a picturesque Blue Mountains retreat, about an hour and half drive from the CBD. Well unless you make the same mistake I did, and leave straight after work on Friday afternoon…

The Pie Tin

The pie’s practically an Aussie icon, and we’ve all got our favourite spot. This one’s clearly on the way to becoming part of the fabric of the new Newtown. It’s set in an airy refit of a modest 1912 Federation warehouse, historically framed on a plaque by the door.

Bondi’s Heartfelt Organics

“I found the community spirit in Bondi to be absolutely rocking,” says an impassioned Ben Soutter. “Here on Bondi Road you’ve got soul, and integrity and community; at B.J. Westfield, you just don’t.” Ben owns Katipo Café on Bondi Road, where I’ve arrived for a chat about Bondi’s organics food.

Glass Brasserie *UPDATED*

When your marriage is at the point where choosing a weekend brunch café morphs into a fight, pack yourselves into a cab and come here. Drive in from Pitt Street to ensure a man in a uniform opens your door - somehow it’s transformative. As you enter the elegant glass surrounds of Luke Mangan’s Hilton enclave, collect a newspaper to avoid further conversation.


Throwing down the gauntlet to other CBD cafés to lift their game, this one gives you the opportunity to dine on an architectural podium at the city’s business end.

The Hungry Traveller

My day just wouldn’t be complete without a coffee. Left to my own devices; I’d probably punctuate most days with my favourite cup (yes, it’s still The Golden Cobra). Like most of you I'm sure, I often find myself time poor. If you’re running late for an interstate date, spring for a cup at the new satellite branch of Toby’s Estate at the T2 Domestic Sydney Airport.