Leave the Gun. Take the Cannoli.

Caffe Sicilia should have been just like all the other restaurants – I eat, I write, and usually I don’t get a chance to visit again – such is the life of a restaurant critic. Somehow though, this one got under my skin. The Sicilian staff weren’t giving anything away. Through the grapevine I heard they’d all been exported from Sicily to work. No wonder they weren’t talking…

More Than Just Bread

In Matthew 4:4 it was said that one cannot survive upon bread alone. After eating the stellar loaves of Sonoma Bakery, Brasserie Bread, Iggy’s, and yes, even the newly relocated Arras Restaurant, I beg to differ. What I will concede is that after countless dinners out with the same (unnamed) dining companion, one also needs to be able to make good dinner conversation. So here’s some art, literature and culture to include in your diet…

Foodies’ Diary: From Tip Top to Toxic

Rest and recuperation are the orders of the day for me, so it’s lucky I have a big week of launches, lavish lollies and even a live musical event to rabbit on about…

Foodies’ Diary: Cake Day

Before I found my own political leanings, I might have been forgiven for thinking that Election Day was Cake Day! While my parents trudged their world-weary path toward the polling booth, it was the stalls littering the lawn of our local scout hall that captivated me. They turned elections into a gala day of lamingtons, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, red velvet cupcakes and almond-studded fruitcakes!

Caffe Sicilia

The gleaming surfaces in this beautifully decked out Crown Street newbie scream ‘great train journey’ to me. So climb aboard for a luxury trip to 1940s Sicily.

Foodies’ Diary: Boozy Nights & Beer Goggles

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my reviews, you’ll probably notice I’m becoming quite the beer drinker. Who’d have thought? This week you’ll find a new review for Coogee Café…After Dark where I wax lyrical about 4 Pines Pale Ale. Next week you’ll be able to read all about Tommy’s Beer Café in Glebe where I try the original pilsner from Pilsen.

Foodies’ Diary: Better Than Chocolate

This week’s column is supposed to be about chocolate, bunnies and zombie Jesus. I know; I know; it’s sacrilege to suggest something might be better than chocolate (let alone poke fun at an outdated Christian myth) but if anything can be, it’s a seafood buffet!

MissChu @ Opera Kitchen

Popularity can have its downside. I headed back to Opera Kitchen for an early pre-show meal intent on sampling the offerings of MissChu, only to find the store had sold out of almost everything!

My Bad… Valentine

Transvision Vamp sang it best: “I guess it never really ends, it just comes around again.” Another year is over and we’re back in the lead up to Commercial Exploitation Day er… I mean Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I’m anti-love - really! I just happen to think that ANY night is a good night to take the one that you love to a restaurant. Truth be told, any night bar Christmas night is probably a better one to dine than the 14th February, 2011. However it is on the social calendar, and if you need an excuse to re-energise your love life like a little chocolate/flower envy at the office or a saucy dinner invitation, who am I to dissuade you?

Baker Street Ultimo

With his arms spread wide over the counter of his new Harris Street bakery café, Juan Duret explains: “I just love cooking! You start with a bag of flour and convert it into all of this!”