Strawberry Hills Hotel

estaurants should be afraid when local pubs like this recently refurbished beauty, can offer up heaving plates of good quality, nicely-cooked produce with provenance listed on the menu, for under fifteen bucks!

Monkey Magic *UPDATED*

It wasn’t hard to twist my arm to return here for another taste of Michiaki Miyazaki’s stellar sushi; and the cleverly unfolding flavours of his Blue Swimmer Crab Salad Roll ($13) with pickled mango did not disappoint.

Foodies’ Diary: Boozy Brekky

I’m starting my boozy brekky column this week with a breakfast that really has made me a convert – Muesli4Me! Not only is it fun to customise your own muesli,

Foodies’ Diary: Tasty C-Words

I was one of the lucky few treated to a peek at the new Aria Catering at their launch event at Strickland House last week. After games of croquet on the lush green lawn, we explored the mansion with each room offering up unique and theatrical presentations of food.

Izakaya Arigato

This is another new entry on Eat Street, set to put Chatswood back on the map as a dining destination. Inside it’s quite organic, with a waterwheel muting the intensity of pin spot lighting, and a cleverly constructed wooden feature wall.

Aperitivo *UPDATED*

Excuse the repeat review, but last time I went to Aperitivo, I didn’t get to road test aperitivo! If you’re looking confused, aperitivo is the two hours (between 5pm and 7pm) of free snacks which the restaurant puts on while you sit back and quaff excellent Watermelon Martinis ($17) or well-made Expresso Martinis ($16).

Bavarian Bier Cafe (Chatswood)

The biggest and busiest entrant on Eat Street is a large and airy venue, ideal for Sydney’s al fresco summer. When in Bavaria, one should drink beer... because if you drink schnapps, the whole restaurant is subjected to an infernal cowbell.

Bamboo Dumpling Bar (Balmain)

If you’ve travelled to the Guangzhou Province you’re probably not going to like this well-decorated space with puffer fish stuffed birdcages and Chairman Mao propaganda art.

Foodies’ Diary: Tasty & Refreshing

According to writer Christian Lander, it is “required by white-person law that you publicly declare foreign cinema to be better than Hollywood movies” so you better go watch some, at the 14th Japanese Film Festival.

Uchi Lounge

Overshadowed by the cool Brisbane Street architecture sits a dated two-storey building that’s housed this restaurant for more than a decade. Inside, old world charm also wins over renovation.