Time to Aperitivo

The concept of aperitivo is spreading around this city faster than a bushfire, but one of the first people to jump on it successfully was Giuseppe Zagari.

The Fat Food Critic & Matters of Taste

When you’re a fat, 36 year old food critic, and a lime green hoon car pulls level with the window of your little, red Honda Jazz, smiling briefly before staring straight ahead and going about the business of turning the corner quickly, is actually a pretty reasonable response. After all, you might take the girl out of Bankstown, but you can’t take Bankstown out of the girl!


Aperitivo time in Italy has been going on for much longer than the tapasisation of Sydney, so it’s strange that we don’t have more of it; but ooh-la-la have we got a fantastic intro here!

Foodies’ Diary: The Hunt For Wet October

Last week I explored the varied eats available in October, this week I am all about the drinks. Beer, wine or cocktails, whatever your pleasure, it’s all packed in below!

The Italian Kitchen & Bar

Danny Russo kicked serious (but lofty) goals at The Beresford; here you can eat food of the same quality at a better price. The room’s a shade monumental, but the tantalising mural of Italian women scoffing spaghetti got me!

Foodies’ Diary: Hot Tix About Town

As well as tempting us with one of the most unusual high tea services in town in the beautiful dockside surrounds of Aki’s; Chef Kumar Mahadevan has generously joined forces with Masterchef finalist Jimmy Seervai for two big nights of Indian hospitality.

Universal Restaurant

Trip the tangerine light fantastic into Chrissy Manfield’s mostly al-fresco restaurant; packed and unpacked Tetris-style each evening.


I found my way to this newly opened Pyrmont cafe after receiving a letter from a local resident. She asked me to review it because she very much wants it to stay around.


Hesham el Masry is an experienced restaurateur with Egyptian blood. His chef, Shane Rider, is a true blue Aussie; so Hesham got him into his Mum’s kitchen.