Porter's Liquor Pyrmont is one of my favourite bottle shops. Their recommendations are always right on the money; so when they told me about the inexpensive new bar next door, I followed suit.

Foodies’ Diary: Neptune & Bacchus

As you can see, this column’s dedicated to the gods of the sea and the vine, Neptune and Bacchus.

Stanley Street Station

Clover Moore would fit right in amongst these polite, young, conservatively dressed inner-city types who order chardonnay as they unwrap their scarves. Some relax on a lounge with a book and a bowl of Sautéed School Prawns ($14) – slightly large on the day I dined, making them sharp but very crunchy

Capital Grill

Meeting a new chef is a bit like starting a romance, except for most people Head Chef Zac Sykes isn't new. He started cooking at the tender age of fifteen, and during his last seventeen years in the kitchen, he’s cooked alongside Stephen Hodges, Greg Doyle and Neil Perry.

Foodies’ Diary: Vino, Vintage & Vietnam

I am a sucker for new school chardonnay, and if you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, this is a perfect example of the taut, elegant, restrained style I so adore.

Ruby L’otel

Just what a twenty-first century Australian inner city pub should look like – it’s not embarrassing, it’s not tiled, and it’s not men’s world. In fact the last time I saw this many women in a pub I was judging a lesbian tattoo show!

Foodies’ Diary: Classes, Bargains & Launches

Sashimi Ahoy One of the best dining deals I’ve seen lately is the Ship-In-Port Tasting Menu at Circular Quay hot-spot, Ocean Room. Simply time your visit to coincide with a cruise ship being docked at the Overseas Passenger Terminal and $65 is all you’ll pay for eleven courses of innovative Japanese cuisine and a champagne cocktail.

Foodies’ Diary: From Water to Wine

The clever folk at Brisbane-based Good Vibes for You have come up with Australia’s first fully biodegradable and recyclable bottle. It uses an organic compound that alters the properties of traditional PET plastic, allowing it to naturally biodegrade.

All You Need Is Lunch

The lovely folk at King Street Wharf showed me just how spoiled for choice you can be if you choose a wharf-side lunch. After parking in their conveniently located parking station (1 Shelley Street), I dined progressively across a number of stylish venues.


Small plates are the perfect companion to balmy summer nights; but when I returned here on a Wednesday, it was Paella Night. It’s pretty hard to pass up a full meal of seafood/mixed paella with olive rolls, aioli and salad for $38/person - we were delighted with our generous pan brimming with mussels, king prawns, tender squid and rich, flavoursome rice.