Pub Life Kitchen

It takes a dastardly mind to snaffle The Norfolk’s famous deep fried pickles, and stick ‘em on a burger, but that just what they did here for the W.M.D. Burger ($15). Yep, that stands for Weapons of Mass Destruction (served on the 4th of July), and it’s homing in on your arteries and liver.

Long Nights, Early Mornings

The days are both colder and shorter. Cramming it all in this month meant I even had to get up at six am! This was a world away from my usual caper of staying up until six. I did however get to enjoy a rustic, Italian breakfast by Signorelli Gastronomia as part of the Pyrmont Festival. I learned that dawn does indeed smile upon Pyrmont - go check it out some time.

The Duck Inn

In the suburb where I grew up, the local pub had a men-only bar, so you’ll have to forgive my tendency to view this new breed of cosy, country-kitchen style pub as progressive. Regardless, it’s the perfect place to spend a miserable Monday night when the arduous week stretching ahead has you both beat.

Small Bar Sleuth: MANLY

Alex Harmon took her taste buds for a trip to the other side of the harbour during Eat.Drink.Manly month. It wasn’t quite a pub-crawl - more a chance to get intimate with Manly’s burgeoning small bar scene…

The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour

What’s with all the stoner food on Sydney menus? The Abercrombie, The Duke and now I find The Beaver capitalising on the ‘green’ dollar. Although here they tell me it’s food for North American ex-pats and Aussies après-Whistler.