Mr Q’s

Now if the mortgage screws are pinching, for a date night restaurant of different sort, head to Leichhardt’s old Bar Via Veneto site. Expect your garden-variety local neighbourhood Cantonese with the regular ring-ins thrown in - like tasty Mongolian Lamb ($12.90).

Happy Hour

Looking for a bargain? Here are a few happy hour offers you might enjoy...

New Shanghai

So you’re down with Sydney’s ‘newfangled’ Chinese regional cuisines, and you’ve dabbled in the odd degustation? Before coming to this six course Wine & Dumpling Degustation ($69/head) I suggest you cast your mind backwards to recall what made those eschewed Cantonese meals of yesteryear so great.

Kam Fook Seafood Restaurant

With thousands of years of culinary history behind them, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese even do surf’n’turf better, as a decadent cold platter of Suckling Pig and Jellyfish ($?) demonstrated.

Seasonal Perks

Deck your table with seasonally appropriate snacks…

Chefs Gallery *UPDATED*

Sometimes food writers, (myself included), can beat the authenticity stick too hard; failing to notice when something better comes along. Kaisern Ching is a savvy Sydney restaurateur clearly affected by living here.

Back to the Future of Food

Writing this column on the cusp of History Week (September 3rd-11th) had me thinking about the ways we all eat our food history. What we call comfort food are those dishes we ate as children, and each time we eat them they somehow magically transport us back to a time when things were simpler. But what do you really know about the dishes your ancestors ate?

Southern Exposure

With flights to Melbourne down around the hundred-dollar mark from a variety of airlines, it's the perfect time to pop down for a gastronomic adventure.

New Shanghai *UPDATED*

Growing up, the one thing my family could agree on was a meal at our local Chinese. These days, regional Chinese cuisines have usurped that … Read more

Food, Five-Ways

The last month has been a whirlwind of foodie events and dining adventures. From getting a taste of Mudgee as part of the Pyrmont Festival, to eating the cuisine of one of the world’s original Master Chefs, I’ve got a lot to report back on…