Blue Eye Dragon

The dumplings at this off-the-beaten-track Pyrmont standout are a definite attraction – Pork Dumplings with Chives, Ginger and Shallot ($10) arrive plump and perfectly formed.

Crazy Wings

Believe me when I tell you, sticking sticks in stuff makes eating much more exciting. More than just a gimmick, these ‘kao chuan’ or Chinese barbeque skewers, date back over a century.

Eastern Treasures

As leagues clubs go, this Chinese restaurant is a treat. No buffet in sight, no MSG in the air and a bountiful à la carte menu. We commenced with Prawn Dumplings ($5.50/4) and Pork Dim Sim ($5.50/4) so big, plump and juicy it was like Yum Cha after cosmetic surgery.

The Eight

The number eight symbolises luck and wealth to the Chinese, so expect to find it woven into the carpet, twisted into screens, and repeated in the menu and phone number of this barn-like 750-seater.

Student Friendly Eats

This week I have turned my column inches over to Matthew Blakely, a media student from the University of NSW. As you will be able to see, Matthew is passionate about both food and writing; and he’s keen to channel both into a professional food journalism career. The mission I set him was to uncover some student friendly eats in time for the first semester back in 2011. I’ll let you be the judge of his endeavours…

Chefs Gallery

Clever restaurateur Kaisern Ching has taken Sydney’s Northern Chinese dumpling craze one-step further in this exciting new entry that has a queue snaking down Bathurst Street every evening.

New Shanghai

Dining in Bondi Junction Westfield’s Level 5 food court is still one of Sydney’s best food court experiences. If you come at night, it’s mostly deserted; so take your pick of the comfy, silver swivel chairs to lap up the uninterrupted million-buck view, and spare a thought about what the poor folk are doing.

Foodies’ Diary: Hot Tix About Town

As well as tempting us with one of the most unusual high tea services in town in the beautiful dockside surrounds of Aki’s; Chef Kumar Mahadevan has generously joined forces with Masterchef finalist Jimmy Seervai for two big nights of Indian hospitality.

The Cook’s Bookshelf

Ching-He Huang has been dubbed China’s Nigella. She’s currently warming up British television screens on BBC’s Chinese Food Made Easy. So if, like me, you’re a bit intimidated by being a whitey cook attempting dishes from a 5000-year-old cuisine, then

New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Journey from a food-court into the dark, moody street-scape of a 1930s Shanghai movie set, with cobblestones, old poster ads, a cast iron and wood gate and a blood red glow from a tempting private dining room.