Neptune Palace

It seems pitiful that in its seventeen year operating history, I haven’t managed to discover this tucked-away Circular Quay gem. Bibbed up, I curse myself with every bite of the magnificent Braised King Crab with Singapore Chilli Sauce (market price $78/kilo); it’s beautifully cooked and the lip-tingling sauce allows the sweet, succulent taste of crab to shine.

Din Tai Fung

Dumplings are about precision; perhaps that’s why an international chain does ‘em best. First thing each day temperature and humidity readings are taken to calculate the perfect dough formula.

Dumpling and Noodle House

Little more than a hole in the wall, this grungy and atmospheric northern Chinese dumpling and noodle house serves up authentic (and excellent) offerings very efficiently. With barely five tables to their name (three on the sidewalk) and absolutely no concessions toward comfort or decor, you probably won’t be here for much longer than it takes to slurp down a bowl of Chicken Short Soup ($11.80).

The Regal

Never argue with a pregnant woman and a craving for yum cha. My dining companion ate here weekly throughout her gestation and declares The Regal to be Sydney’s most consistent and best yum cha venue. If you’re new to yum cha, there’s a dim sum menu with photos.

Spicy Sichuan

Venture here for another take on Chinese cuisine ‘ but don’t come expecting the perennial Australian-Chinese favourites like Lemon Chicken. The food here is Sichuan … Read more

Noble Court

Though this restaurant is part of the Eastern Suburbs Leagues Club in Bondi Junction; with the separate entrance on Bronte Road and the unique yet … Read more