Foodies’ Diary

This week I've been dining on almonds, ogling a new opening by one of Sydney's favourite chefs and finding innovative places to grab a post-event supper in stately Balmain...

Wet Weather Plans

Over screaming I want my summer back? Let’s try to adjust. Leaves have been spotted falling from the trees, meaning autumn is right around the corner. Let’s just make the best of the hand we’ve been dealt…

Summer Dayz

Even with the weather being recalcitrant, summer is a time to store up lasting memories with family and friends. I recall one glorious afternoon spent under the leafy green arbour of a Paddington backyard. The property’s owner was none other than Max Kreijn - painter, writer and a truly fabulous home cook...

More Than Just Bread

In Matthew 4:4 it was said that one cannot survive upon bread alone. After eating the stellar loaves of Sonoma Bakery, Brasserie Bread, Iggy’s, and yes, even the newly relocated Arras Restaurant, I beg to differ. What I will concede is that after countless dinners out with the same (unnamed) dining companion, one also needs to be able to make good dinner conversation. So here’s some art, literature and culture to include in your diet…

Foodies’ Diary: Just Desserts

This week I stick to the sweet stuff with cupcakes in Marrickville, scones at the new Victoria Room Tea Salon, vegan treats in Bondi, a lick of chocolate, and a glimpse of Australia's new dessert bible!

Foodies’ Diary: Cake Day

Before I found my own political leanings, I might have been forgiven for thinking that Election Day was Cake Day! While my parents trudged their world-weary path toward the polling booth, it was the stalls littering the lawn of our local scout hall that captivated me. They turned elections into a gala day of lamingtons, cheesecakes, chocolate cakes, red velvet cupcakes and almond-studded fruitcakes!

Back to the Future of Food

Writing this column on the cusp of History Week (September 3rd-11th) had me thinking about the ways we all eat our food history. What we call comfort food are those dishes we ate as children, and each time we eat them they somehow magically transport us back to a time when things were simpler. But what do you really know about the dishes your ancestors ate?

Foodies’ Diary: Bondi, Bronte & Beyond

Now that’s a tasty burger! It had me drooling and that was before I found out that local restaurant, Moo Gourmet Burgers, is supporting ethical farming practices by using only morally farmed and sustainable produce in their burgers!

Foodies’ Diary: Boozy Nights & Beer Goggles

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my reviews, you’ll probably notice I’m becoming quite the beer drinker. Who’d have thought? This week you’ll find a new review for Coogee Café…After Dark where I wax lyrical about 4 Pines Pale Ale. Next week you’ll be able to read all about Tommy’s Beer Café in Glebe where I try the original pilsner from Pilsen.

Foodies’ Diary: Arty Eats

As the weather cools off completely, Sydney comes alive with festivals guaranteed to tempt you out of hibernation with a range of arty eats…