Foodies’ Diary

Mamma Marilena Wandering around the recent Fine Food Australia Sydney 2009 event looking for new products for this column, it'd be easy to get lost in the sea of samples, but one taste I found it hard to forget was Mamma Marilena's Nut Breads. The day after my visit they won the award for Best New Bakery Product.

Foodies’ Diary

Welcoming Wave Under 42,458 wooden batons hanging from the ceiling in a new-look refurbishment designed by the renowned Yasumichi Morita, five hundred guests helped Ocean Room relaunch last week.

Tempt Me With Tuna

One of my girlfriends is on a strict diet of protein, so more often than not her meals involve tuna. While canned tuna is not my favourite ingredients, it suits people her because she lives life in the fast lane, and canned tuna is a quick and easily transportable meal.

Stimulating Eating

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, and the K-Rudd’s stimulus package burning a hole in your pockets, here’s a bunch of things that should make stimulating eating!