Sofitel Sydney Wentworth

The Tea Room Gunners’ Barracks *UPDATED*

With the weather practically screaming picnic, I thought it high time I returned to this wonderfully outdoorsy venue. As luck would have it though, the day I picked turned out to be rainy, so I appreciated their recently renovated (and insulated) retractable verandah roof.

Cortile Lounge (High Coffee)

Arriving at the InterContinental, I pause momentarily to scan the lobby for my coffee date. A well-groomed man softly glides to my elbow to inquire, in dulcet tones, as to whether I require assistance. This standard of responsiveness continues into High Coffee ($55/person), taken in the Cortile Lounge.

Blue Sky In The Morning

It’s winter - well it definitely seems cold enough to be considered so. Just ignore those impossibly blue skies, and any unseasonably warm days. Whatever you do, don’t mention global warming (even if it is true). It sure makes writing a cohesive food column hard, between throwing in outdoor events to take advantage of the warmth, and Pepe Saya Custard to ward off the cold…