The hipster holiday of choice this year is a staycation. Some may proclaim it’s to protect the planet, but I’ll admit I’m just short on cash. To prevent Pacific pining, I’m distracting myself with a hunt for Sydney’s suburban gems, taking on the suburbs based solely on the tips of talkative taxi drivers.

October Eats

In a month brimming with dining offers, here are my picks:

Baba Laksa, Orange Grove Hotel

In the type of pub you’d usually go to find a blue, there’s a surprisingly nice little bistro. Prejudice well and truly checked, I settled in amongst the families and local Ambos to enjoy the well-priced Malay dishes of Chef Richard Wai.

Lotus Asian Restaurant

If the idea of pan Asian fills you with fear, you’re not alone. I dined here with a little trepidation, but I can now happily assure you that the South East Asian dishes of Chef Danh Cao (ex-Blue Ginger) are, for the most part, bang on the money.