Cantina Bar

Chilli heat is measured in Scoville units, and this new Balmain entry is so hot, it blows it right off the peninsula into Surry Hills - which is actually where I’d expect to find a bar this good! Returning to Wilbur Scoville’s helpful scale, it basically tells you how many times you’ll need to dilute the capsaicin oil until that red-hot burning sensation ceases.

Foodies’ Diary: Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! My partner is seriously considering having a Man Vs. Food moment at Essen Restaurant this month, during their Schnitzilla Challenge…

Small Bar Sleuth: MANLY

Alex Harmon took her taste buds for a trip to the other side of the harbour during Eat.Drink.Manly month. It wasn’t quite a pub-crawl - more a chance to get intimate with Manly’s burgeoning small bar scene…

Beach Burrito Company

It’s a humid evening. My eyes drink in shirtless guys in boardies, and girls with wet hair. There’s a broken speaker above me, and a slowly rotating fan – this joint has Tijuana down to the T.

Foodies’ Diary: Hold Off Hibernation

With each passing day, winter draws nearer. The inevitable arrival of the cold always fills me with a sense of desperation; an urgent need not to waste any sunshine that happens to flow my way. So do use the merry month of May to hold off hibernation and fatten up on foodie pleasures to survive the long winter ahead. After all, bikinis rarely look quite so far away…

The Norfolk

While everyone’s a-quiver over Duke Bistro, those in the know have followed Thomas Lim to his ‘other’ new hang.

Foodies’ Diary: Summer Bits & Bites

It’s always nice to see Aussie businesses recognised on a world stage, but it was particularly nice to see Victor Churchill, a butcher, win at the International Interior Design Awards. They beat the world's best retail stores, and owner Anthony Puharich was in New York to receive the award.

Izote Mexican

Whilst several people have recommended this restaurant to me, I’m sad to report that my dining experience left me wishing I’d saved my money and gone up the road to Guzman y Gomez.


Sydney’s Mexican revolution continues with another fast, fresh anglicised Mexican venue rolling out in Darlinghurst. With their closest competitor only footsteps away, they’ll need to carve out their own niche - my hit prediction is it will be their luscious marinated lamb steak... but I digress.