Kobe Jones

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this stylish King Street Wharf stalwart is just for those with fat corporate credit cards, tax deducting their way through leisurely lunches on Las Vegas style Japanese/American fusion cuisine.

City Hotel

Out with pub-grub and in with head-chef Elaine Lee’s gastronomic posh nosh (to borrow BBC’s ‘spoof’ cooking show name).

My Bad… Valentine

Transvision Vamp sang it best: “I guess it never really ends, it just comes around again.” Another year is over and we’re back in the lead up to Commercial Exploitation Day er… I mean Valentine’s Day. It’s not that I’m anti-love - really! I just happen to think that ANY night is a good night to take the one that you love to a restaurant. Truth be told, any night bar Christmas night is probably a better one to dine than the 14th February, 2011. However it is on the social calendar, and if you need an excuse to re-energise your love life like a little chocolate/flower envy at the office or a saucy dinner invitation, who am I to dissuade you?

Jazz City Diner

Follow the cool cats into a New Orleans inspired neo-diner, dishing up deconstructed and exciting modern American cuisine. Owner/Chef Dan McGuirt’s fine dining experience at Melbourne’s Vue du Monde stands him in good stead with the menu that takes as its starting point traditional diner food.