Concrete Blonde

The hipness of the flaming, nightclub-style fit-out belies the seriousness of the cooking - so don’t be put off by overhead aphorisms, the food is definitely less glib. Cocktails will ease your passage into pretentious - the Strawberry Blonde ($18) is fizzy, fun and feminine; while the Warsaw Club ($18) throws off a girly facade with masculine Védrenne fig liqueur stiffened by egg-white foam.

Lotus Asian Restaurant

If the idea of pan Asian fills you with fear, you’re not alone. I dined here with a little trepidation, but I can now happily assure you that the South East Asian dishes of Chef Danh Cao (ex-Blue Ginger) are, for the most part, bang on the money.

Dining Dilemmas

I don’t know about you, but I fancy myself as a bit of an ethical shopper. I buy ethical produce; I care about provenance; I shop at Farmers’ Markets; and I even remember my canvas bags every now and then. Why is it then, that the humble co-op is such a sticking point for me?

China Doll

Curiosity drew me to this undeniably popular Finger Wharf entry, but I wasn’t sure quite what to expect!

Foodies’ Diary: Sydney Chef Shuffle

Star City is poised to get David Chang, owner/chef of the Momofuku group (and one of TIME magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2010), opening his first restaurant outside of the United States.

Foodies’ Diary: Four Foodie Pilgrimages

The roti canai at Mamak number amongst my favourite dining experiences, so it’s with particular pleasure that I tell you they’re now available in a second location!

Bamboo Dumpling Bar (Balmain)

If you’ve travelled to the Guangzhou Province you’re probably not going to like this well-decorated space with puffer fish stuffed birdcages and Chairman Mao propaganda art.

Ruby L’otel

Just what a twenty-first century Australian inner city pub should look like – it’s not embarrassing, it’s not tiled, and it’s not men’s world. In fact the last time I saw this many women in a pub I was judging a lesbian tattoo show!

Old Fitzroy

If you’re looking for a low-stress, affordable first date option, I recommend this quirky space. For the bargain price of $25 you get something good to eat, a drink to settle the nerves and a show to entertain you if your date isn’t quite up to par.

Drunken Geisha

Low light, dark walls made interesting with geometric patterning and fuchsia pink highlights, and contemporary music teamed with the near silent glide of slim-hipped waiters in black, all help make this hole-in-the-wall on Harris Street quite a funky place to dine.