Sloanes Café

The owls are not what they seem. Lurking beneath the respectable veneer of this thirty-year Paddington café stalwart is something subversive for this staid strip.

Open Korea Restaurant

Driving home along Parramatta Road after post-work drinks, it’s hard to avoid the lure of bad food – but just up from the awful arches, vivid blue and red neon illuminates a healthier domain.

Concrete Blonde

The hipness of the flaming, nightclub-style fit-out belies the seriousness of the cooking - so don’t be put off by overhead aphorisms, the food is definitely less glib. Cocktails will ease your passage into pretentious - the Strawberry Blonde ($18) is fizzy, fun and feminine; while the Warsaw Club ($18) throws off a girly facade with masculine Védrenne fig liqueur stiffened by egg-white foam.

Lotus Asian Restaurant

If the idea of pan Asian fills you with fear, you’re not alone. I dined here with a little trepidation, but I can now happily assure you that the South East Asian dishes of Chef Danh Cao (ex-Blue Ginger) are, for the most part, bang on the money.

Dining Dilemmas

I don’t know about you, but I fancy myself as a bit of an ethical shopper. I buy ethical produce; I care about provenance; I shop at Farmers’ Markets; and I even remember my canvas bags every now and then. Why is it then, that the humble co-op is such a sticking point for me?

China Doll

Curiosity drew me to this undeniably popular Finger Wharf entry, but I wasn’t sure quite what to expect!