Kings Cross Hotel

Although needing a password to enter a Kings Cross drinking hole reeks of exclusivity, in the 1930s it was simply a means of getting a drink post-6pm. After muttering “mum’s in,” we’re whisked into the velvety Bordello Theatre with a razor slash on our hands (whiteboard markers substitute blades).

Foodies’ Diary: From Tip Top to Toxic

Rest and recuperation are the orders of the day for me, so it’s lucky I have a big week of launches, lavish lollies and even a live musical event to rabbit on about…

Foodies’ Diary

Living in the inner west, I sometimes avoid the city’s plentiful restaurants in favour of a quick (motorised) getaway – sadly parking can be the decider. But when it comes to shows, the Sydney Opera House is unmatched as a venue


Plentiful alcohol, women and fantasy themeing in Kings Cross usually means one thing - but at this iconic venue (dating back to 1979) you’re more likely to find the Queen of Hearts bearing a flaming Bombé Alaska, strange hats, group singing and a surprisingly good meal.

Old Fitzroy

If you’re looking for a low-stress, affordable first date option, I recommend this quirky space. For the bargain price of $25 you get something good to eat, a drink to settle the nerves and a show to entertain you if your date isn’t quite up to par.