On the block

Affordable housing? In Leichhardt? Surely you jest. Right up there with the Tooth Fairy in the book of implausible fairytales. But although the idea may … Read more

‘Beyond politics’ aim for Palestinian Film Festival

Think Palestine, think politics – the mantra is heavy-set amongst diplomats the world over. But what about filmmakers? Naser Shakhtour is determined to cast things … Read more

Campbell reverses policy on light rail

The NSW Government has made a significant backflip and announced it will investigate a light rail through the CBD centre, just two weeks after it … Read more

Larger than life

As anyone who lives there can attest, Glebe is home to a wide variety of characters – and a new exhibition aims to capture that … Read more

More tensions over Metro

The first signs of local tensions over support for the CBD Metro within the Labor Party have emerged, with a shift in emphasis emerging for … Read more

Artist-run gallery opening in Marrickville

Independent artists in the inner west will soon have another option to display their wares, with ESP Gallery in Marrickville set to open this weekend, … Read more

Assumptions you could drive a train through

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the CBD Metro has been put on display until October 12 at various public locations (although it was not on … Read more

Balmain boy tells tales

Writer Michael Wilding has just released his seventeenth work of fiction, the tenth set in the Leichhardt Municipality. He recalls the good old ‘bad days’, … Read more

Traffic calming in Annandale provokes frustration

Booth Street in Annandale is now a major traffic thoroughfare. Official Council figures show it carries significantly more traffic than Johnstone Street, and on only … Read more

All quiet on the western line…for now

Dozens of locals gathered on the weekend for the re-opening of Shields Playground on Darley Road in Leichhardt after a $65,000, Council-funded refurbishment. But as … Read more