Coming up in October

September 27: More than 50,000 people are expected to celebrate the end of the month-long Marrickville Cultural Festival with a Street Festival between 11am … Read more

Grant money comes with strings attached

For over a decade, members of the Annandale North Public School community have been campaigning for funds to build a new hall for the school’s … Read more

Metro numbers don’t add up

The CBD Metro will be operating at just one-sixth capacity during peak times six years after its scheduled opening, according to figures contained in the … Read more

Dogs’ Day Out

Every man and his dog will be at Hawthorne Canal Park in Leichhardt on Sunday, October 4, for the annual Dogs’ Day Out, a popular … Read more

At age 21, Italian Cultural Centre opens for business

Success, so they say, is born of many fathers, but failure is an orphan. The tale of the Italian Forum Cultural Centre in Norton Street, … Read more

Meeting of minds for local activists

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All power is local

Councillor Daniel Kogoy’s bright idea that Leichhardt Council build – or sponsor – a windmill to generate its electricity, got me thinking of the Councillor … Read more

Metro rally attracts attention

We weren’t totally sold on the relevance, but then again, we weren’t really fussed – Latin dancers create a stir at the Rozelle Metro rally … Read more

Vote on student amenities defeated

Vital student services at universities may be axed after the Senate rejected a Federal Government plan to reintroduce compulsory annual fees, say student and university … Read more

Single parents shack up to save

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