Jazzmatazz – The Mixtape

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Husky Rescue – Ghost is Not Real

Ghost is Not Real – Husky Rescue By Chris Peken From the opening My Home Ghost the comparisons to Air are unavoidable, particularly as the … Read more

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan – Sunday at Devil Dirt

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Peret Mako – The Devil’s In The Detail

The Devil’s In The Detail – Peret Mako By Aidan Roberts This is a fairly satisfying, though somewhat passive record. In this release from indie … Read more

Booka Shade – The Sun & The Neon Light

The Sun & The Neon Light – Booka Shade By Aidan Roberts For all intents and purposes, German electro lads Booka Shade’s latest album offers … Read more

Brett Dennan – So Much More

So Much More – Brett Dennan By Chris Peken Brett Dennan is instantly recognisable. Not because of his shaggy red hair, nor his headband, high-held … Read more

The Five O’Clock Heroes – Bend to the Breaks

Bend to the Breaks – The Five O’Clock Heroes By Chris Peken If you look sharp, and your aim is true, then there is a … Read more

Grand Salvo – Death

Death – Grand Salvo By Aidan Roberts Here is a curious and noble idea in this digital era: a narrated concept album, concerning the fates … Read more

Machine Translations – Seven Seven

Seven Seven – Machine Translations By Aidan Roberts Seven Seven, as the title suggests, is the seventh album for DIY musical explorer J. Walker, … Read more

Toumani Diabaté – The Mande Variations

The Mande Variations – Toumani Diabaté By Chris Peken I may have grown up wishing i could play the guitar like Jimi Hendrix (and bat … Read more