Sparks – Exotic Creatures of the Deep

Exotic Creatures of the Deep – Sparks By Aidan Roberts This adventurous duo have been around for a long time, and have tapped into a … Read more

Jay Reatard – Matador Singles ’08

Matador Singles ’08 – Jay Reatard by Aidan Roberts This prolific Tennessean punk-rocker has spent all of 2008 recording and releasing a series of high-powered … Read more

The Alcohotlicks – You, You

You, You – The Alcohotlicks by Aidan Roberts Not to be turned away by their immediately corny name, The Alco-hot-licks (flinch) have got a lot … Read more

Jackie Orszaczky – Ready to Listen

Ready to Listen – Jackie Orszaczky By Chris Peken There are many people, particularly in this digital downloading age, who believe music should be freely … Read more

Shannon McArdle – Summer of the Whore

Summer of the Whore – Shannon McArdle By Chris Peken Girl joins band. Girl in band likes boy in band. Boy and girl in band … Read more

Ben Fink – Continue to Breathe Normally

Continue to Breathe Normally – Ben Fink by Aidan Roberts The cover image of this album shows a soft-hued photograph of a free-falling vintage bicycle … Read more

The Aerial Maps – In the Blinding Sunlight

In the Blinding Sunlight – The Ariel Maps By Chris Peken Adam Gibson has stolen my memories. Or perhaps more correctly, if you take William … Read more

Jeff Raglus – Bellatrix

Bellatrix – Jeff Raglus by Aidan Roberts Who is Jeff Raglus’ One’s eyes may tweak with recognition when you see the cover art for this … Read more

TV on the Radio – Dear Science

Dear Science – TV on the Radio By Chris Peken Some albums slip through the cracks of my desk. This one did, literally, but better … Read more

The Millers Tale – Overland

Overland – The Millers Tale By Chris Peken Nostalgia Warning – the following contains medium level nostalgia. Those trooping around Sydney venues in the late … Read more