Fucked Up – The Chemistry of Common Life

The Chemistry of Common Life – Fucked Up by Aidan Roberts I have to say, I worry about singers like Pink Eyes, who fronts this … Read more

Josh Pyke – Chimney’s Afire

Chimney’s Afire – Josh Pyke By Chris Peken Josh Pyke knows how to written a great single. Middle of the Hill introduced him to the … Read more

Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year

Red Letter Year – Ani DiFranco by Aidan Roberts “Someone fashion me a pulpit / I have been summoned to engage / with the maniacal … Read more

Aaron Thomas – Follow the Elephants

Follow the Elephants – Aaron Thomas By Chris Peken Aaron Thomas entered this world in Tasmania but now lives in Madrid. In between he has … Read more

The Black Seeds – Solid Ground

Solid Ground – The Black Seeds By Chris Peken Having perfected their own style of brass-heavy, festival-friendly reggae – populated with chilled grooves and the … Read more

Transit Inc – Transit Inc

Transit Inc (self-titled) – Transit Inc by Aidan Roberts This debut album from local Sydney indie rockers Transit Inc launches itself with promise enough; big … Read more

Chris Abrahams – The Tender Hook (Soundtrack)

The Tender Hook (Soundtrack) – Chris Abrahams by Aidan Roberts Chris Abrahams is an interesting fellow. The longstanding centrepiece of the art-jazz trio The Necks … Read more

The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

Stay Positive – The Hold Steady By Chris Peken The Hold Steady’s 2006 album Boys and Girls in America was a masterpiece, a zenith for … Read more

Deerhunter – Microcastle

Microcastle – Deerhunter By Aidan Roberts Now here is a dark horse in the indie sector – Deerhunter, with their trippy psychedelic walls of noise … Read more

Neilsen Gough – Beautiful Dream

Beautiful Dream – Neilsen Gough By Aidan Roberts No-one would have expected, in this current musical climate, that we’d see anything of the old school … Read more