Pico – Morning Sun

Morning Sun – Pico by Aidan Roberts Earnest is the word to describe this album from low-key song-man Pico, a collection of cross-seasonal musings and … Read more

Toni Childs – Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith – Toni Childs By Chris Peken A decade is a long time in the music industry where out of sight is very … Read more

The Woods Themselves – (C’mon) Do The Beach Thing

(C’mon) Do The Beach Thing – The Woods Themselves by Aidan Roberts Here we have it – the second album from The Woods Themselves, a … Read more

Grafton Primary – Eon

  Eon – Grafton Primary By Chris Peken Pop has eaten itself, regurgitated its meal, and someone is consuming the same meal again. “There’s no future, … Read more

The Drones – Havilah

Havilah – The Drones By Chris Peken The Drones are one of Australia’s truly important bands, strutting the world stage with confidence and a sense … Read more

Khancoban – Limbs May Fall

Limbs May Fall – Khancoban by Aidan Roberts This is the debut full-length record for Khancoban, another of Melbourne label Half A Cow’s friendly family … Read more

Monkey – Journey to the West

Journey to the West – Monkey by Aidan Roberts Well, Damon Albarn seems to have found his subject – monkeys. At first I registered confusion … Read more

The Moffs – The Collection

The Collection – The Moffs By Chris Peken “I don’t like nostalgia unless it’s mine” said Lou Reed. As pop music ages well into its … Read more

Okkervil River – The Stand-Ins

The Stand-Ins – Okkervil River By Aidan Roberts Cheekily titled to carry on the theme of their 2007 indie chart-killer record The Stage Names, … Read more

Asa – Asa

Asa – Asa By Chris Peken Asa has a wonderful back story. Born in Paris, she returned to native Nigeria at the age of two, … Read more