El Perro Del Mar – From the Valley to the Stars

From the Valley to the Stars – El Perro Del Mar By Chris Peken No amount of angelic harmonies, innocent flutes and tinkling piano lines … Read more

China Forbes – 78

78 – China Forbes By Aiden Roberts With an enticingly hazy title, 78, this solo album from Pink Martini’s leading lady appropriately launches itself … Read more

Santogold – Santogold

Santogold ‘ Santogold By Aidan Roberts This is certainly an eye-catcher from the outset, before even one note has been heard; a very funky, neo-70’s … Read more

Viva Voce – Viva Voce Loves You

Viva Voce Loves You – Viva Voce By Chris Peken Married couples are taking over rock. Think Arcade Fire or our own Kasey Chambers & … Read more

Shearwater – Rook

Rook – Shearwater By Chris Peken If, as Oscar Wilde postulated, ‘ambition is the last refuge of failure,’ then Shearwater are in trouble. However when … Read more

Guy Blackman – Adult Baby

Guy Blackman is an interesting character. The very name Adult Baby suggests something very disturbing in the lyrical content of what we hold in our … Read more

Paul Greene – Distance Over Time

Distance Over Time – Paul Greene by Aidan Roberts Paul Greene has a good track record – a well-respected local instrumentalist and singer, long in … Read more

Martha Wainwright – I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too

I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too – Martha Wainwright By Chris Peken If she were a filly, Martha Wainwright out of Kate … Read more

Vetiver – Thing of the Past

Thing of the Past – Vetiver By Aidan Roberts Andy Cabic, longtime friend and musical associate to Devendra Banhart, has a wonderful band called Vetiver. … Read more

Blood Red Shoes – Box of Secrets

Box of Secrets – Blood Red Shoes By Aidan Roberts It’s not usually very constructive to declaim a genre of music based on assumed popular … Read more