Holly Throsby – A Loud Call

 A Loud Call – Holly Throsby By Chris Peken “We’re only a sail in the end / And only a breath to begin with / … Read more

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago

For Emma, Forever Ago – Bon Iver by Aidan Roberts Legend has it that Justin Vernon ate a lot of venison during the recording of … Read more

Roland K Smith – Roland K Smith

Roland K Smith – Roland K Smith “I may as well be buried if I’m just gonna waste away,” sings Roland K Smith. Strong words, … Read more

Micah P. Hinson – …and the Red Empire Orchestra

 …and the Red Empire Orchestra – Micah P. Hinson By Chris Peken Micah P Hinson is not much to look at, and a quick search … Read more

Silver Jews – Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea

Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea – Silver Jews by Aidan Roberts If the soul of Allen Ginsberg was given a guitar and 12 chords, it may … Read more

Night Marchers – See You In Magic

See You In Magic – Night Marchers by Aidan Roberts With some members from Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes, this is bound to … Read more

Firekites – The Bowery

The Bowery – Firekites By Chris Peken It takes either huge amounts of confidence or a brilliant stroke of marketing genius to release your debut … Read more

My Brightest Diamond – A Thousand Shark’s Teeth

A Thousand Shark’s Teeth – My Brightest Diamond By Chris Peken Shara Worden has a beautiful voice. Classically trained, precise and pristine – she is … Read more

theredsunband – The Shiralee

The Shiralee – theredsunband By Aidan Roberts The Shiralee comes from the Aboriginal word meaning ‘burden’. With this in mind, the tone of theredsunband’s sophomore … Read more

Ratatat – LP3

LP3 – Ratatat By Aidan Roberts Most musicians find a muse at various stages of their creative output, be it a single artist or a … Read more