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Jaimie Leonarder has been involved in underground artistic ventures for well over twenty five years. He’s an avid collector of lost film footage, and he runs an independent cinema screening venue in his own home, the Mu-Meson Archives. Lucky for him his wife Aspasia is an avid archivist of lost and contemporary film culture too! Our and about, you’ll often find Jaimie as the MC and or DJ for variety of events including The Aroma Coffee Festival, the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Festival and The Sydney University Film Festival.

Best Cinema: Mu Meson Archives (Well if you won’t promote yourself who will’)! Although the Chauvel does a great Sunday double feature.

Best Local Filmmaker: Brendan Young. He is in the midst of finishing a documentary on Christa Hughes.

Best Local Producer: Brendan Walls who does the ABC Movie show, At The Movies and Subsonic. Plus he’s an all round nice guy.

Best Local Performer: Christa Hughes aka K.K. Juggy ex-Machine Gunn Fellatio; the original Beer Drinking Woman.