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Writer, performer and broadcaster Chris Taylor is best known as a member of infamous comedy team, The Chaser. Local to Sydney, he is a qualified compass to the best things to do and see around the city. We managed to get a few out of him to help with your to do lists.


If getting back to nature is your thing, then look no further than the Sydney Transwaste Industries park, where dozens of beautiful Moreton Bay Fig trees from Randwick and Kensington now lie in a landfill tip. Take a picnic and enjoy the unparalleled majesty of these historic, beautiful and recently felled trees.


Bondi Beach – hideous in real life, but beautiful on Instagram. So if you’re craving a gorgeous day at the beach, my tip is to stay at home with your phone and just scroll through heavily selective and filtered pics of Sydney’s most iconic beach.


There’s a great little breakfast cafe in Surry Hills. But due to the area’s lockout laws, they won’t be let in after 7.30am, and no lattes are served after 9am. It may seem a little draconian but, on the upside, since the laws were introduced coffee-related violence in the area is down by 80%.


Even though there’s a perfectly good Vietnamese place close to your home, it’s mandatory in guides like this to recommend a place on the extreme outskirts of the city: an authentic “hidden gem” for white people to make an expedition to on the weekend, to enjoy the exact same menu offerings and quality that they could’ve got at their local joint.


The rise of Thai Massage places in Sydney is second only to the rise of Thai restaurants. And it’s nearly impossible to go to either without the masseuse, or the waiter, wanting to give you a hand job at the end of it. Even Longrain’s now doing it – extraordinary!


Of the handful of remaining pubs that the Merivale empire hasn’t taken over, I’d say my absolute favourite is the Cricketers Arms in Surry Hills… oh, hang on, my bad. Just got a google alert saying Justin Hemmes has just signed the lease.


Sydney can be a fast and furious non-stop party town, but for those times when you just want to have a quiet night, I recommend Kings Cross. The perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. On Friday and Saturday nights you’re likely to have the whole district to yourself – so relax and enjoy a blissful night of peace and quiet.