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The Healy/Cordeiro show at the Museum of Contemporary Art showcases the artists’ focus on transport and consumer society. The pieces of a reassembled Cesna aeroplane dominate the exhibition. The 70 pieces are scarred by stamps and stickers which bear witness to their journey through the postal system. The work, entitled Par Avion, contrasts movement and stillness and is a comment on modern life and destruction.

The controversial Stasis has an orange aeroplane held suspended in scaffolding with its nose pointing towards the MCA. It evokes an eerie echo of 9/11 and continues the theme of restriction of movement despite technological progress. A feature of the artists’ work is the use of everyday items, such as bottles, mattresses and IKEA furniture to illustrate the impermanence of modern life. The exhibition is a witty discourse on contemporary themes which confronts the audience with the transience of consumerism. (LR)

Until Dec 2, Museum of Contemporary Art, 140 George St, The Rocks, free, 9245 2400,