Mario Brothers, 2014. Artist: Clary Akon.

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Sydney artist Clary Akon uses the medium of ceramics and diorama to take on the ‘Nanny State’ with his playful and intriguing exhibition, Cultural Capital.

“Cultural capital is the ideas and knowledge that people draw upon as they participate in social life,” explained Clary. “Everything from rules of etiquette to being able to speak and write effectively can be considered cultural capital.”

In addition to critiquing modern commercial culture using a somewhat traditional and unconventional material, the artists has set out to explore notions of why people collect things. He questions what makes certain objects or images popular, iconic and more instantly recognizable than others; and what the choice of certain objects say about the collector.

One of the more intriguing and detailed dioramas featured in the collection is Mario Brothers; a ceramic re-creation of the classic 8-bit video game. This is a perfect example of how Akon is challenging the perceptions of what is possible with ceramic art. “There’s a lot more to ceramics than pretty vases,” he said. “And I hope my work will show people how varied and exciting the artform can be.”

Until September 6. Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street, Paddington. Free. Info: