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By Roger Hanney

Public action lobby group GetUp! [] is launching its latest national campaign and needs volunteers and community groups to get involved.

Created by the designers of the Olympic torch, the Climate Torch will begin travelling across Australia in August before arriving at Parliament House in September.

Volunteers are being sought []to contribute anywhere from five to 20 hours during the next four weeks as this signature-gathering, awareness-raising relay crosses the country. In addition to workers being needed behind the sc enes, GetUp! is also seeking torchbearers to run, walk and roll the torch across Sydney and Australia.

With green being the new black, the Climate Torch is 110 % style. Incorporating a solar panel, wind turbine, LED readout, hand-powered crank generator and a mysterious new feature described only as ‘lemon power’, it might prove an even more essential accessory than the Toyota Prius or even green bags.

The spokesperson for GetUp! would not be drawn into explaining how their sculpted lemon works, but did emphasise that strong government action on climate change will only come as a result of strong grassroots action and broad public support.

Interested individuals and groups are encouraged to get involved now [].