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The Italian Film Festival boasts a wonderful line up of films this year, but it’s the comedies that stand out as crowd-pleasers which should allure festival enthusiasts.

Italian filmmakers have always had a forte for comedy, delivering one box office hit after the other. Original stories, uniquely vivacious characters, the interweaving of cultural aspects and the never-ending bombardment of hilarious gags should ensure that interest is maintained throughout each film.

Let Yourself Go is the winner of the 2017 Italian Golden Globe for Best Comedy and justifiably opens the festival.

When newly separated Dr Elia Venezia hires Claudia, a drop dead gorgeous and scatter-brained personal trainer, his dull and predicable life is about to change as she drags him around Rome. The many misadventures they share prove to be an equally enjoyable and therapeutic experience for them both.

Showcasing the beauty of Roman landmarks this quirky comedy should have audiences returning for encore screenings.

It’s The Law is an award winning comedy which centres on the elections for a new mayor in Pietrammare, a small picturesque town in Sicily. Change is mandatory as the current mayor is dishonest and not performing dutifully. When the new mayor is voted in, communal joy is quickly overcome by anger and dismay, as new laws and the promotion of honesty spreads disharmony amongst the town folk.

Audiences will warm to the wonderful ensemble cast led by Salvatore Ficarra and Valentino Picone, two of Italy’s finest comedic talents, who also directed this screwball comedy.

From Naples With Love perfectly captures the heart and soul of Italian comedy, with the intertwining of two love stories. Ciro is a street-wise eleven year old boy who has a crush on a sophisticated young girl and is seeing Tommaso, a child psychologist, who is also falling in love with Ciro’s mother.

The hilarity accelerates when young Ciro teaches a somewhat demure Tommaso how to impress his mother and Tommaso in turn gives Ciro a few tips at being posh.

A love letter to Naples, this heart-warming romantic comedy won’t disappoint moviegoers who enjoy films of this genre.

All three films screening at the Italian Film Festival….

Sep 12–Oct 8. Palace Norton Street, Place Verona & Chauvel Cinema. $21.50 – $150 (10 film pass). Tickets & Info:

By Mark Morellini.



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