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The shiny-headed sorcerer behind the mid-winter arts festival Luminous, Brian Eno will appear live on stage for the first time in Australia for the festival finale Pure Scenious.

For three improvised concerts over one day, Eno will be joined on stage by his hand-picked guests Underworld’s Karl Hyde, guitarist Leo Abrahams, synthesist Jon Hopkins and Australia’s maestros of improvised minimalism, The Necks. Offstage Toby Vogel will be filming, mixing, re-processing and projecting layers of imagery on three massive screens – as he does for Underworld’s live shows.

The title refers to Eno’s idea that what we call genius is usually the cumulative intelligence of a lot of people within fertile scenes, rather than the brilliance of one person – his underlying concept for the three-week program of music, art and ideas.

14 June (5.00, 7.30 and 9.45pm). Sydney Opera House. $60 per concert, 9250 7777 or