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The Sydney Omega Ensemble is made up of 11 of the country’s finest young chamber musicians, most of who play regularly with Sydney or Melbourne Symphonies. Demonstrating its preference for creative programming choices which support Australia’s rising young stars, this dynamic group will be performing the world premiere of a new work by Sydney composer, Daniel Rojas.

Chilean-born, Australian-raised, 34 year old Rojas is a trailblazing composer whose works appeal to young audiences. Influenced by Peruvian indigenous and folk music and Afro-Hispanic beats, Apertura Dura Hervida (Hard Boiled Overture) is the first piece written by Rojas during his one year residency at the National Conservatory of Music in Peru (began 6 months ago). It is rhythmic and aggressive, evoking the vibrant energy and lush surroundings of his temporary homeland, but its inspiration comes from the simple act of making a cup of tea.

‘Peru is a country full of life, mystery, beauty, ancient and modern ruins, as well of course as not very drinkable water. So while staying in Peru, I would boil water for cooking, washing, and of course my daily cups of Peruvian and English tea. I would zealously boil the same pot of water over and over – each time causing my electric boiler to tremble frenetically,’ says Rojas, ‘the many ‘over-boiled’ tea-breaks during its creation reminded me of the nature of the music I was writing.’

Melding Afro Hispanic rhythms with European melodies, this diverse concert will also include the German formality of Schubert’s Octet, and the Eastern European strains of Martinu’s vibrant Trio.

The Sydney Omega Ensemble
2 July, 7:00pm
City Recital Hall, Angel Place
Tickets: $40/$45, 8256 2222 or