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Scotland’s kilted funny man, Craig Hill is back in town for another round of singing, dancing and of course, laugh-out-load comedy with his show Blown by a Fan.

“I’ve done Sydney a couple of times…” says Hill, “that’s a reference to the city not a person.”

He’s in town for this year’s Sydney Comedy Festival and while the show has already been performed in Edinburgh, Hill says each night will be an original spectacle.

“I’m well known now for having a show, but having more fun with the audience, and very rarely getting to the show,” says Hill.

“Every single night is very different which is very liberating for me. From an audience’s point of view it’s fab, I like the fact that when you came to see my show, the night you saw is the only night that it happened.”

Hill’s show profiles a collection of stories from his time travelling around the world and even includes tales from Sydney and Adelaide.

“The main thing,” says the comedian, “is it’s upbeat and cheeky, provocative and fun.”

Apr 25-29, Bacardi Lounge @ The Factory Theatre, 105 Victoria Rd, Marrickville, $25-32, 9020 6966,