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If you’re searching for chill summer vibes as the weather gets warmer, look no further than singer/songwriter Dan Parsons’ brand new album Sunday Morning Cinema. 

With a breezy sound slightly reminiscent of John Mayer, Dan Parsons croons his way through a folksy set of nine new tunes. His smooth vocals are supported by the talented members of Rodeo Pony, his recently formed live band. 

If music was labeled the same way as food, the Sunday Morning Cinema collection would certainly be certified organic. Everything about the songs feels natural and authentic.  

The single Here Goes Nothin is especially catchy and has already earned some well-deserved recognition, topping AMRAP’s AIRIT regional chart for two weeks after its release. 

In short, Dan Parsons’ laid-back, easy-going sound manages to make listeners feel like they’re swaying in a hammock no matter where they are.


Reviewed by Erika Echternach