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Six tracks of live frenzied acoustic guitar playing, a voice and percussion on the sole guitar. In the main it is  difficult to follow. There is inconsistency of tempo and sound level, the near genius of Daniel Champagne’s guitar playing is very easily missed. It is clear that he is a very accomplished guitarist, but perhaps his song writing, especially the structure, can’t keep up with his skills on the guitar. Maybe he’d be more suited to be playing in a band? But maybe he’s a lone wolf and doesn’t mix well with others creatively? The guitar playing sounds like it would be better in a rock setting rather than the “flavour” of this decade, folk, blues and roots. His vocals are strong but have a mumbling quality about them (think Bob Dylan or James Reyne). Two of the tracks are covers. Willie Dixon’s Spoonful and Don Maclean’s Vincent. The last track isn’t even really a song. Just manic playing with the audience clapping along that lasts all but a minute. One of the 3 originals is titled I Grew Up Where I Could See the Stars. I’d say at 22 most of us haven’t grown up yet. A little pretentious.