Alex Clapham and Penelope Benton

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In the lead up to the 2014 Mardi Gras celebrations, Carriageworks and Performance Space are putting on a festive three-day showcase entitled Day For Night. The showcase will feature free performances from a variety of Australian queer artists and will culminate on the third night in a dance party led by electronic musicians Stereogamous.

The lineup includes artists such as Justin Shoulder (The River Eats), burlesque star Lillian Star, Dean Walsh, Sydney Dance’s Martin del Amo, and Alex Clapham and Penelope Benton.

Clapham says that the project will be unlike what people are used to seeing in a usual performance.

“A lot of the performances in the event cross boundaries to what we would expect from a gallery, a theatre, a club, and a party. Combining all those things I think the audience will take away a mix of feelings; some pleasure and visual delight, yet also feeling challenged confronted and probably even confused. But overall people will get a sense of the depth of talent and beauty in our city and its occupants,” she says.

Clapham will be building an installation, which she will occupy over a space of three days.

“The idea of our performance work derives from the tableu vivant, which means living picture; a popular form of entertainment before radio, film and television.

“On a broader level, there are visual references to camp aesthetics, queer celebratory, and political expression in art, the club and on the street, which fits ideally in this collaboration between Performance Space and Mardi Gras,” she says. (JN)

Feb 13-15, Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh, free-$35,