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When you first venture into the Deep Oceans exhibition you’re greeted by a giant rotating model of the earth, showing just how much of the planet is made up of ocean – 71% to be exact. And to think that only three people in the entire world have been to the deepest point in the earth’s oceans. Deep Oceans looks at how people have explored the earth’s oceans, and also the sorts of crazy creatures you will find in its depths – we’re talking vampire squid, hatchet fish and a giant crab – awesome stuff for kids. Speaking of the little ones, this is a great afternoon out for them and has loads of interactive pieces at kid-height and cool stuff to look at. There’s also a children’s play area complete with beanbags, foam shark-shaped cushions, and cartoons to keep them amused. There’s plenty for the adults too. The exhibition is packed full of information you can peruse while the lighting and visual effects give the impression you’re actually under the ocean. Very atmospheric.  At the end of the exhibition you’re left with a quote from James Cameron after his first solo dive to the deepest place on earth: “I felt as if, in the space of one day, I’d gone to another planet and come back”. This exhibition gives you a very small taste of what that might be like, and is well worth a visit.

Written by Lisa Ginnane

Until Oct 14, Australian Museum, 6 College Street, Sydney, $17,  9320 6000,