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Ever wondered what techno would sound like if it had been a genre during the Middle Ages? The answer lies with Deerhunter’s latest album Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared? 

The entire album seems to come from nowhere – a message out of time regarding the disappearance of culture, nature, logic and humanity. 

From the strong harpsichord intro on Death In Midsummer to the electric instrumentals in Greenpoint Gothic, the new record gives off major Medieval vibes. As the songs’ titles imply, the album carries haunting themes throughout, maintaining a melancholy tone. 

The innovative use of the harpsichord revamped the antiquated instrument for a 21st century crowd. Deerhunter also experiments with various microphone, drum kit, keyboard and guitar sounds. 

Regardless of your usual musical preferences, this album is worth giving a listen sheerly for its creativity.



Reviewed by Erika Echternach.