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This film gives great insight to the lives of people with disabilities. The stories shared and vulnerable places people go to create a deep sense of compassion in Defiant Lives.

No one can judge until they’ve walked in another’s shoes and that could not be more true when Defiant Lives so honestly shows the truth about the rights movement for people with disabilities in Australia, USA and UK. The documentary highlights numerous people with disabilities which is intriguing to watch and keeps the film flowing.

The music in the film enhances the heart felt stories that are shared and balances out the spaces where there is no background noise. The frame work and video editing is beautiful and simple. They have captured the essence of the torturous places people with disabilities have stayed in and made it so real for the viewer to experience. It is uncomfortable and sad to see. The still takes that merely focus on people sharing their knowledge is clear and easy to listen too. Defiant Lives offers a lot for the eyes from black and white, old historical clips and new contemporary takes.

This documentary provides a great deal of information that is important to know and vital to act on for the betterment of this world. These problems should not be overlooked and Defiant Lives does a marvellous job at highlighting the past, present and future hope for the disability rights movement.


Reviewed by Olivia Lyle.