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This horrifying film is disturbing but mandatory viewing as it meticulously details the true events surrounding the Algiers Motel Incident during the racially charged 12th street riot in Detroit, Michigan, United States in July 1967.

Teenage black civilians were deprived of their civil rights, brutally assaulted and three murdered in cold blood by law enforcers in a motel as they terrorised and attempted to coerce a confession to a crime which they didn’t commit.

The police brutality depicted upon a race whose only crime was the colour of their skin is shattering and will have sensitive viewers turn away in anger and disgust.

The first quarter of the film is filmed in a seemingly documentary format, with archival footage and photographs creating a sense of urgency.

Will Poulter, who delivers a brutally convincing performance as the corrupt and racially intolerant head ‘law enforcer’ will be the most feared and despised character to emerge in cinematic history.

‘White power’ is glorified in a film which fleetingly suggests that amongst the corruption there were law enforcers who were honest, but essentially this film resonates that police criminality must be treated just like any other criminality. (MMo)