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In Sydney, it doesn’t snow at Christmas. So the folks at the Darlinghurst Business Partnership (DBP) have been wondering: “So…why all the reindeers and snowmen? Why not Santa in a pair of sunnies instead?!”

That’s why Stephan Gyory of the DBP asked renowned street artist, Lister, to design some gift labels that better reflected the Aussie experience.

“The idea for the stickers just came about because I love street art…and I hate the Christmas stickers I get with my wrapping paper because they’re all so naff,” Gyory says as he describes the sheet of eight stickers that feature artwork by the local artist.

The stickers are a promotional concept that was initiated last year. Participating retail businesses in Darlinghurst will be given a bundle of sheets to be distributed to customers who make a purchase during the Christmas season. Gyory hopes it will encourage shoppers into the area.

“We figure that once people realise they can get Lister stickers, they’ll be all over it because he is very popular and they are very cute,” he explains.

Lister is a local identity who has painted murals on a number of Darlinghurst walls, including the side of Gyory’s own record shop. “He gets what we do and he’s really supportive,” says Gyory.

The DBP, along with business groups from Potts Point and Surry Hills (collectively known as Eastside) want to attract tourists to the area as an alternative to visiting Harbour-oriented landmarks. In particular, Gyory believes the eclectic, arty, Bohemian feel of Darlinghurst and its surrounds would appeal to the a new tourist segment called “Free Independent Travellers”. (RB)

The Christmas sticker sheets will be available from Dec 3 from selected outlets while stocks last. For a list of participants go to: