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On Valentine’s Day three years ago, Gabba was running through Sydney Airport when Krystina Warren and Bradley Gibson noticed the small
abandoned dog.

After catching the terrified mongrel, Ms Warren and Mr Gibson searched for Gabba’s previous owners before eventually adopting a new member into their family.

Stories like Gabba’s took centre-stage at the My Human Family exhibition in Chippendale, which officially opened last Saturday at the Pine Street Creative Arts Centre.

Pine St Creative Arts Centre managers, Jane Hooper and Nick Baldass said the exhibition showcases heart-warming stories and photographs of
rescued dogs.

My Human Family runs until Saturday, with the event exhibiting over 200 tales received from all over Australia between January and March. A
panel of judges whittled down the selection to the 40 photos currently on display at the Centre.

Inspired by the accidental killing of pound puppy Billy, who was mistakenly put down due to an IT glitch, the community exhibition highlights the relationships people can build with pet dogs. It encourages people to look after their pets responsibly and consider adopting from the pound when choosing a pet.

Each year, an estimated 60,000 cats and dogs are put down in NSW alone.
Pets and people mingled with one another at the launch as they viewed the various entries and swapped stories. At the official opening of the exhibition, City of Sydney Deputy Lord Mayor, Robert Kok said: “I am surprised to see so many dogs in the area. The photographs on display are so professional and it shows the emotions and happiness that rescued dogs bring to their owners.”

Mr Kok agreed these community events should be encouraged and supported. Riding on its support and success, Ms Hooper said Pine St Creative Arts Centre is currently in talks with organisations in Queensland and Victoria about running similar projects.

“The idea is to keep the project going but have local organisations run it themselves for their communities,” she said.

Australia’s pet-loving culture was affirmed by data released by Vet Shop Australia earlier this month, revealing 88 per cent of survey respondents were in favour of letting dogs accompany their owners in
alfresco dining areas. The findings encourage pet owners to enjoy an outdoor lifestyle alongside their animals.

By Adra Anthoney

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