Sara West as Lyndal

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Based on the true story of a 2001 landmark court case brought against Toowoomba Preparatory School by a woman known as Lyndal, a survivor of child sexual abuse.

The film features an outstanding line up of veteran Australia actors.

Martin Sacks gives a subdued performance as Lyndal’s dad, conveying all the emotion and guilt with minimal dialogue. Suzie Porter too is good as the mother who didn’t believe her daughter when the allegations were first raised.

Newcomer Sara West, in her second feature role for this year plays Lyndal. Originally from a theatre background she has transitioned into film, which shows in her performance.

The outing of child sexual abuse within the church has really become part of Australian history, which this film is a testament too.

The events of the film in part lead to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Abuse, which has been sitting since 2013.


Reviewed by Vanessa Powell.