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Dub Pistols return with a new album of originals: Worshipping The Dollar where they- and the slew of featured MCs- proudly continue in the tradition of Jamaican rebel music in urging social consciousness and rising up in the face of adversity; all to a backdrop of funky beats and dubbed out instrumentation. Gunshot is a fun and upbeat drum’n’bass stormer that questions what’s wrong with the world where the greed of men causes them to lose their lives to gangs and gunfire. Bang Bang is a dark confession of wanting to shoot to death those that do wrong in the world and perhaps the most powerful message is made on the track West End Story when the words “where most of humanity lives in abject poverty/ by design/ is that not insanity?” burst out from your speakers to remind us that the old story of global inequality still rings true for many. The music on Worshipping The Dollar is so much fun it would be easy to bypass the message and just tune into the fun sounds. But that would miss the point of the record completely. Listen carefully.