Eastgate Shopping Centre in Bondi Junction / Photo: ISPT

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Eastgate Bondi Junction is undergoing renovations in a bid to boost Waverley’s economy and improve shopping accessibility for residents.

Owned by ISPT, the 15,151-square metre shopping centre is revamping its upper level to rejuvenate the precinct.The first floor has been shut down to cater for the development.

A number of new specialty retailers will be launched on the upper floor. Supermarket giant ALDI is among the new stores to be introduced, and there will be an extensive refurbishment of existing shops including Lowes, The Reject Shop and Just Cuts.

Eastgate Centre Manager Daniel O’Connell said the move was of critical benefit to Waverley’s economy.

“Our retailers are very excited and positive about the refurbishment. We are confident it will attract new business to the centre and the changes will ensure Eastgate continues to deliver a quality range of fresh food, services and everyday convenience for our customers,” he said.

Waverley Council have been planning the Eastgate refurbishment since September 2007. A report has been developed outlining the shopping centre’s importance to Council’s long-term financial plans and investment strategy.

But according to Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak, a lease arrangement between Waverley Council and developers ISPT ends in August this year, potentially affecting aspects of the Eastgate development.

“Council is wanting to make sure Bondi Junction around Westfield survives as a vibrant shopping centre. We will continue to support Eastgate as a shopping friendly destination and economic success hub in the vicinity of Westfields,” he said.

Councillor John Wakefield said the renovation of the Eastgate Shopping Centre would be a positive step for the commercial viability of the Bondi economy.

“I suspect it will increase demand for the car park, it will make the area busier and it will make the centre more competitive. It will be a positive step both in terms of the commercial revenue and in terms of the economic functioning of Bondi Junction,” he said.

It is hoped renovation and structural changes to Eastgate will improve access to the centre. The renovation plans include the addition of a new entrance accessing levels five and seven of the car park, together with an upgrade of existing pedestrian ramps. All four retail levels will be fully accessible by both car and foot.

“By updating the accessibility of the centre and investing in new amenities and stores, customers will be offered an excellent shopping experience in the greatest possible comfort,” Mr O’Connell said.

The renovation of the Eastgate is expected to be completed in June.