John Merrick

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As I am sure many of you reading this do I personally love starting a relaxing weekend off with a nice cuppa, a delicious piece of cake and a good book to read. For many of us this might sound perfect but Edition Book Bar have come up with something even better!

What might that something better be you may ask? Well it brings together everything we love about this relaxing weekend kickstarter and adds in a talk by John Merrick, the author of brand new book True Stories From The Morgue.

John spent 20 years of his life working as a forensic counsellor in what he calls the “very unusual environment” of the Institute Of Forensic Medicine at The Office Of The State Coroner in Glebe, or as it’s more commonly known ‘the city morgue’.

It’s not until you read about, or even better hear these stories in person that you can truely comprehend what it’s like to work in a morgue.

Mar 25, 10:45am. 181 Harris St, Pyrmont. $5. RSVP to or call 02 7900 3831